Mission Statement

To reach hearts through A Moment with God Newsletter; to touch lives and give comfort, letting others know that they have a friend in Jesus. Publishing small booklets that bring hope and encouragement through the word of God! Booklets that are written by believers who share their testimonies, short stories and poetry. 

Our goal is to continue to take the newsletter around the world with God's word and love. To collect Bibles for those who need them and to send them out as needed. To help with basic needs and give hope and support to missionaries.

To reach souls for God and touch lives, to empower the body of Christ for the kingdom of God. To make strong those who seek to be in God's service and to give freely as Christ has given freely. To share God's love through giving, sharing and encouraging. To bring comfort to the poor and food to the homeless, to teach God's word in love with a caring heart and to bring new souls into the kingdom of God.

To touch lives with God's word and love!

Vision Statement:

To built A House of Restoration to empower women for His service and for survivors of abuse to find healing and growth through God's love. A house where teaching God's word will be prominent. And where out reach to others will become a part of the house of restoration. It will be a house where women can heal from their heartaches and disappointments through prayer and the word of God. A house where God will be glorified and lives will be changed and submitted to God's service.

We are also looking forward to establishing a small institute on the grounds of the restoration house, where God's word will be taught to those who want to grow and serve God.

Our future vision is to have small houses on the grounds of The House of Restoration for retired missionaries and pastors, who do not have a home to rest; or who were unable to obtain a home through the years that they gave up their lives for the work of God.  A place where they will be looked after and where we will make sure that their needs are provided for.

Prayer Request:

Please join me in prayer, that the Lord be glorified through his handmaiden, and that all the visions he has given me will come to pass. Pray that the lord will supply the funds to establish his works as he sees fit.

Pray that God touch many hearts to become a part of this vision, by bring those who will work with me, and those who will provide the necessary funds.

Pray that the Lord gives me wisdom and knowledge to do as he as asked me.

We are looking for a house with enough land to do what is needed to have all these visions and goals established. We pray that God will bring it to pass and establish his center of healing, growth and outreach.
So join me in prayer and uphold this vision before the Lord!  "With God all things are possible to them that believe." 


Please become a part of what God is doing and providing us with your prayers and any donation you can give...

Thank you so much, and may God richly bless you!

Keren Valentin

A Moment with God Ministries