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Keren Valentin
Minister of God's Word.

Inscriptions of Hope Publishing is coming back soon! Praise God! Sharing stories, testimonies and lives journeys from writers like you.Writers who have been healed from an abusive past and made it through and came out victorious. Therapist who share words of encouragement and hope are also a part of IOHP.

We are looking for more writers who are willing to share their stories for Inscriptions of Hope Publishing.... Survivors of abuse, rape and assault victims, as well as stories that will help survivors through a rough time. We are also looking for Pastors, Therapist, and counselors to encourage others through their writings as well. You will receive 12 % of sales on each book sold. For more information contact me by email. 

Welcome to A moment with God: 
A moment with God is here to bring you blessings and to share with you the love and word of God. To help you get a little closer to God and to share with you his grace, mercy and love, with understanding and compassion. To help survivors of  childhood abuse of all types, rape, and assault victims, to understand that God did not allow you to be hurt. That you can find hope, peace, understanding, encouragement and love through your pain. You'll learn that he knows your pain and that he also cries with you. As a survivor myself I hope that I can help you walk through this journey and make it easier for you, because I've been where you are.  Welcome!

 I will be writing every two months and I hope it will touch your heart and help you along the path of healing. Life can get hard at times and we may lose our courage, we may even become depressed and dishearten, even lose hope and faith right when we're about to have a breakthrough. But life can be filled with hope and courage, with faith and grace, you are not alone! I will be sharing my heart with you as well as the word of God; I will walk with you though your healing journey, helping you through the challenges that come about as a survivor. Helping you to find the light at the end of the tunnel, and helping you becoming stronger by helping you gain understanding as we search the word of God together. 

I hope you enjoy your walk through this site and may you find some answers to your questions.

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John 16: 15

Whatsoever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy; meditate on these things.

Let's keep our thoughts on those things that are good, thoughts that edify us. Thinking on things that bring hope and joy into our heart, that bring happiness and contentment. We don't need to think on the thoughts that make us depressed and send us into a place of darkness. We need to keep our thoughts on those things that that bring us joy and happiness. Some thoughts can sometimes be overpowering if they are negative. That's why God tells us in the above verse to keep our thoughts pure, think of what is good in our lives and what God has done for us. Sometimes we have to sit down with a notebook and write down all the things that God has done for us, in order to see how blessed we are. Keeping our thoughts on him and on the positive makes us feel happier and more content. It has been proven that good thoughts create new neurons in our brain, creating new pathways and new branches of good healthy cells. When we create good thoughts and set our mind on God; we remove the dark matter that the brain creates when our thoughts are set on the negative things. God has a reason for everything that he asks us to do. It's to build us up, to make us stronger and to come into our abundant life. He wants wants the best for us, and thinking on good positive Godly thoughts and happy thoughts helps us grow and become healthier. So keep your mind on good things and you'll see how much you will grow, not only with God but with yourself. Try it for twenty one days and see what happens. It's not going to be easy because you have to fight those negative thoughts, it will mentally drain you but you can do it! Stop the negative thinking and allow new happy, joyful thoughts in your mind and you will see things differently. Don't be anxiety with all the things going on in the world, trust God to see you through and to protect you. Our positive thoughts help us to cope with difficulties and problems that arise in all situations. God didn't leave us powerless, he gave us ways to deal with life, to see life through his eyes as we grow stronger in the word and in prayer. He will always show us what to do through the Holy Spirit. Lets keep growing new neurons as we change our negative thing into faithful positive thinking. Trust God to guide you though all things! Much Love!
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You are Special
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Inspirational and moving, not because I wrote it but because others have told me. They found it encouraging and filled with hope. Read it for yourselves and you be the judge. 100% of sales from my booklets will go into Gateway of Hope 
House of Restoration

Gateway of Hope House 
P.O. Box 175 Buchanan, N.Y. 10511
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Thank you!
If you need or want a personal prayer written just for you send in your request. It will be written just for you as God guides my heart. Please let me know what your prayer request are, I will hold it up in prayer and I will write you a personal prayer that you can read everyday out loud. Remember to send your email and I will email a prayer back to you. 

So if you would like a personal prayer just let me know in the box bellow and submit your request.
You Are Loved!

Yes, you are loved deeply... Deeper then the sea within the earth and deeper then space itself. I know that at times some feel unloved and unwanted... But that isn't true!

You are loved for who you are what you've become and who you will become. You are loved beyond your wildest dreams and deeper than you can imaging. God's love is beyond our understanding and deeper then we can ponder. There were times when I went through my memories and I felt ashamed, unloved and unwanted, so I didn't treat myself nicely. It took time and some years to realize how much God really loved me. Thank God that I finally know how much he loves me. If your feeling ashamed, unloved and unwanted, you shouldn't, because God love you! Try to realize that God love you! The creator of the universe, the creator of everything that is beautiful, the creator of you who he love dearly!

Look in the mirror and tell yourself with a strong voice... God Loves Me! God Loves Me! Say it until you believe it everyday, even if it takes weeks and months. Pray for a revelation of his unfailing love for you. Because you are his daughter, his creation and he love YOU!

Realize that God has seen us through so many things that most people can't even imagine. Realize that he saved you right on time... at the moment you thought you were forever lost. There are times I feel sad and all I have to do is remember what he has done for me and how far I've come. Its not easy to go back at times and remember all that he's done; but with a little focusing, our mind begins to open up and we start to remember all the times that we thought we would surly die, that his hand was always in our lives.  That alone brings back joy into our hearts, and our hearts begins to swell and thankfulness begins to flow out of us. Without him I would certainly not be here and I'm sure most of you either. I know some people use that word loosely, but when your life is but an inch away from death you'll know what I mean. Many people haven't gone through what we have gone through as survivors and that's wonderful and I praise God. But for those of us that have survived, we need to remember that he is a loving God who will see us through our pain, memories, sorrows and nightmares no matter how difficult it is. He is awesome, wonderful and mighty who will never leave us alone when we need him. 

So be strong and believe that God loves you, know that he loves you! Because when all fails, God is always faithful even when we're not. Thank him for all that he's done and all that he is doing and all that he will do in your life. God is our rock and our fortress and in him we must trust. Even when things seem bad, there never as bad as you see it, because God is always here with us, he walks with us even when we don't feel him, or when he feels far away. He keeps us strong when we ask, and he helps us through our situations when we ask. So stand strong within his arms and remember that He Love YOU! Trust him at all times, stand on his word and don't let go. Just stand and believe his word, because he's not a man that he should lie. 

I know how difficult it is for some of you, but God knows your hearts and sees the pain that surrounds you. He will never let you go even when you think you are losing the battle. But you can do it! I know you can! I've been where you are as a survivor and I know that no matter how it looks, you will come out of it! You are walking towards your victory even if you're standing in the dark at the moment. Your victory is close, don't give up on yourselves! Each day is a closer day to the freedom of your past, to the renewal of your soul. You've made it this fare and there is no turning back now. You must keep going towards your destiny of freedom and healing. Even when you feel that you are alone, you are not! God will always be there with you as you keep the faith, no matter how little faith you may think you have. You will make it through, I know you will! So don't give up on yourself. Stay safe, stay strong!
As a survivor of any type of childhood abuse, what is your most difficult challenge when it comes to God?
Are you afraid, angry, confused discouraged? Or do you feel safe and trust God?

Please share your thoughts on this subject and I will do my best to give you the best answer that I can. 

I will post the question with my answer on the next bimonthly
newsletter. I will not use your name unless you give me permission to do so.

So enter your question or comment on the box to the right and submit. 
Standing Strong in the face of fear
There is no need to fear! But I must admit that sometimes as I hear the news, there is a bit of fear that tries to overtake me. The world seems to be getting darker with time, we live in a world that seems to be filled with such fear that some people are losing hope. Their being shaken to the core, safety is vanishing and fear has gripped the heart of many. Safety has become a priority in recent week; everyone is looking for solutions and finding it difficult to do so. This is where God comes in, there is no safety outside of God! As believers we need to put our trust in God. Trusting him and believing with all, all your heart that God will keep you safe. As believers we have to remember that we are under the wings of the almighty. I know its hard at times to get your mind off of the negative and all that is going on in the world. But we serve a mighty God, that even when there's reason to fear or when we have an inkling of fear in our hearts, as believers we have to remember the promises of God. 

What, then shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31 (NIV)

But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one. 2 Thessalonians 3:3 (NIV)

Be on your guard, stand firm in the faith, be courageous, be strong. 
(1 Corinthians 16:13) 

You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance. Psalm 32:7 (NIV)

God knows that fear comes upon us, yet as the verses says. We have to be on guard and aware of what's going on and use wisdom, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us in these time. Always standing firm in our faith, believing that God will keep us and protect us. We have to be courageous and brave no matter what's going on. Because if we're filled with fear we can't think, we can't function or rationalize our situations and our surroundings. We need to find ways to cope and be productive, always being sharp. God wants us to stand strong in all situations and be steadfast in faith, believing that he will show us a way out, a way to safety if need be. We can't allow fear to overpower us and paralyze us when we know that God is with us, if we trust him and hold fast to our faith. When fear creeps in I always say... When I am afraid I will but my trust in thee... (Psalm 56:3) Let's be bold and filled with faith, believing in our heart that God will take care of us under any and every circumstances that may arise.
Seek his word, search within his words to find peace, comfort and assurance. Buy a devotional with different topics that will strengthen your faith and trust in God. Grow in the word and your doubts and fears will vanish as you grow in his word.
Last updated: September 25, 2018
The Desert

There are times in our lives when we walk through a desert where we feel alone and in deep despair. The desert is a painful place to be in, and our hearts become sadden and our hope seems far beyond our reach. These are the hardest times in our lives and in our Christian walk with God. We lose sight of who we are in him and where we stand. We feel forsaken and disregarded, wondering where or when it will end. The pain that overtakes us is deep and filled with negativity not felt before. We struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel; wondering when will it end, wondering how much longer must we be in this desert which only brings sadness and pain.

As I, walked through my own desert years ago, I was lost and in pain not knowing when it would pass. I spend the weeks in the hospital trying to sort my life and wondering if I would find my place. As I stood in the hospital I couldn't help but to take my eyes off of me as I observed others. The pain I saw and felt from others was deep and filled with anguish, the sad part was that most of those women also believed in God and Christ as their savor. Their hearts were broken and their minds shattered not knowing why. As I looked and listened to their stories I could no longer keep my eyes on my self and go on with my self-centeredness. The pain that ran through those women was heart-breaking and I felt every bit of their pain. As an empathic person I could no longer bear their pain and I wondered within myself and asked God if he felt what I felt? The answer was yes. His heart goes out to those who are in pain and to those who don't know the why of it all. His mercy is great and his heart is filled with much compassion and love for those who suffer deeply. 

This is where our faith comes in as survivors, that even in the desert we have to hold onto faith, believing that God will bring us through. Believing that even when it hurts so deeply, and when we don't know what to do or where we're going... that God will guide us to where we have to be. That he will see us through no matter what we are feeling, or what the situation looks like. Faith isn't an easy task and it takes our will to want to believe no matter what the circumstances are. It's a choice of mind and will, it's believing and even wanting to believe that sees us through. God takes what little faith we have and works with it; allowing it to grow as we go on trusting and believing, even when all seems hopeless in the moment. 

The desert is a place where we grow and learn to hold onto God. A place where our faith is built and our awareness of self becomes stronger, as well as learning who we are in Christ. As I allowed myself to stand back and see others, my heart was deeply sadden for them. I could no longer look at myself but instead I looked to those who needed the comfort of God. They became my spiritual daughters within my heart and I prayed for them and with them. 
Sometimes we have to take our eyes of ourselves and look at others and the lives that need God's love. We have to look towards God and allow him to guide us through.  Have faith... baby steps, and believe that he will show you the way and guide you to where you need to be, no matter what's taking place in your life at the moment. 

As for me right now, I keep trusting in God and allow him to guide me and to help me focus on the present and towards the future. Though my life has been filled with much pain and my heart has been wounded deeply, I to must always remember that God is my only hope and my only way; even when there seems to be no way, I will keep my faith and allow it to grow day by day. So trust God, keep the faith and keep your eyes on him. You are a fighter and you've overcome, you will overcome the memories, the flashbacks and the pain that's within your heart. Only God could free us from such a painful past to the point where even the thoughts won't hurt. I have overcome my past, thank God! I am free from the memories, the struggle and the pain that I thought would take my life. Now its your turn to stand strong and hold onto God, to your faith and believe that you to will be victorious soon. You're here for a reason, you have a destiny and a calling in your life. Don't Give Up! Keep the faith. Much Love! 

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Do you believe or think that God allows children to be abused?No
Not sure
Unequivocally No
Do you believe that everyone dies because its their time? No
Not sure
Unequivocally No
We may not understand it all, but I assure you that it isn't God's fault. He's not standing there planting illness on people or brewing up catastrophes to hurt the lives of his children. We have to remember that when sin came into the world it corrupted everything, from our atoms to our gene structure, to our sin nature. Sin is a deep destructive force that has made it's way into our lives. Remember God gave every man a free will to do as he freely wants, thereby those who hurt us and abused us did it freely. Those who hurt others in any shape or form also do it by their own free will. it wasn't God's fault, it was mans free will and NO! God did not allow it! To say that he allowed it is to say that he conspired with the enemy to hurt us and others, God forbid! God doesn't allow what we and others have suffered through by the hand of others, nor for those who are suffering through it now. I hear preachers all the time saying God allowed it to happen, NO! That's a misconception and a lie! How would a loving God, who send his only son to die for us and loved us so much would allow evil to brought on the innocent?  We can't blame God for what man does with his free will. God hurts every time someone is abused as a child, every time someone is raped, assaulted and abused, every time a child is killed. God is a God of love, grace and mercy not a God who goes around hurting the innocent. Love is so much more wonderful then that, And God is love and we see it Jesus Christ.  Love is patient, kind; it's not jealous or conceited or proud; love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; love is truth, love never gives up; and it's faith, hope and patience, never failing, Love is eternal! . So why blame a loving God? Why would anyone say that a loving God allowed something so evil to happen to the innocent? The hand of the enemy is in everything evil and senseless, it's in a man's free will to do as he pleases, not in God's hands. 
Is everything that happens to you is God's Fault?
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